Realizing Full Value

Raise capital for growth

Corporate Fuel can help you realize full value by structuring a credit or equity financing that aligns with the unique requirements and strategic goals of your business, and placing it with the optimal financing source through our registered securities affiliate, Corporate Fuel Securities LLC.


90-year-old water treatment company


Finance a transformational acquisition


Client identified target company to expand into mechanical contracting for retrofits and replacements required by new NYC regulations

Management and board lacked recent acquisition experience

Corporate Fuel was retained for valuation, due diligence and capital raising

Transaction needed $25 million to fund purchase and ongoing requirements

$8–$10 million would be an uncollateralized “air ball” loan

Corporate Fuel created materials based on in-depth due diligence and valuation

Presented opportunity to 12 bank lenders, insurance companies and business development companies


Selected a regional bank to fund the acquisition which doubled the value of the client in four years

Realizing Full Value

Corporate Fuel helps successful businesses address the challenges of growth.

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