Capital Raising

Finding the best financing solution

Raising capital can be a challenging “adventure” unless you are expert in the various kinds of financings and have access to an array of capital sources.

At Corporate Fuel, we have broad and deep backgrounds in the financing markets. We stay on top of market conditions and new innovations, and are in constant touch with financing sources to understand how pricing and structures are changing.

The initial step in any capital raising project is a strategic analysis to determine the optimal capital structure given the current circumstances and business objectives. We then assist our clients in obtaining capital for a broad range of requirements including growth, acquisition, recapitalizations, leveraged buyouts, owner liquidity and permanent working capital needs.

Through our wholly owned affiliate, Corporate Fuel Securities LLC, we act as a private placement agent to raise debt and/or equity on behalf of our clients. We strive to find the right financing partners to achieve the most economically attractive and flexible structure, consistent with market conditions and management objectives.

These financings could include any of the following securities:

  • Senior secured notes
  • Senior unsecured notes
  • Second lien notes
  • Senior subordinated notes
  • Subordinated notes or mezzanine debt
  • Convertible debt
  • Convertible preferred stock
  • Redeemable preferred stock
  • Common stock

We have deep expertise in financial restructurings, recapitalizations and raising debt or equity capital across the full spectrum of available sources including commercial banks, asset-based lenders, leasing companies, real estate investment trusts, hedge funds, mezzanine lenders, private equity firms, venture capital firms, merchant banks and private investors.

Optimizing the capital structure

Corporate Fuel helps clients develop an optimal capital structure that fits their growth objectives and ensures the availability of capital to match their cash flow needs, all with an eye to getting the best terms and conditions that the market has to offer.

We understand what a lender or equity investor needs to know in order to evaluate a transaction and assess their interest level, and we work with our clients through the final closing of the deal.

We analyze the current and future financial needs of our clients and develop a plan to provide the appropriate capital structure to meet these needs. In most cases, we will develop an action plan to screen multiple financing sources to select the best partner. Then we act as advisors and placement agents on a best effort basis to place securities issued by our clients with investors.

Corporate Fuel has comprehensive access to the full spectrum of available institutional financing sources including commercial banks, asset-based lenders, leasing companies, specialty lenders, institutional funds, hedge funds, mezzanine lenders, private equity firms, venture capital firms and other private investors.

*All securities-related transactions are executed through our wholly owned affiliate, Corporate Fuel Securities LLC, a registered broker dealer. Member FINRA/SIPC.

Mezzanine debt

Subordinated or “mezzanine” debt is often used in leveraged acquisitions or recapitalizations, in conjunction with senior debt (provided by banks or institutional investors) as well as common or preferred stock. Mezzanine financing is also used for growth capital, either exclusively or in conjunction with other securities. Subordinated debt is typically a component of a more comprehensive debt structure. Transaction structures can be highly complex, sometimes including equity warrants in addition to interest and principal payments. Most mezzanine lenders do not require principal amortization in the first few years.

Private equity

Private equity can be raised for any number of reasons, including: bolstering the balance sheet to support future growth, financing an acquisition or leveraged buyout, or recapitalizing a company in order to provide liquidity for existing shareholders.

A proven record of successful execution

We have completed more than 500 assignments since our founding in 2005.

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