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Over 17 years of advanced technology experience

Corporate Fuel’s Advanced Technologies is a bi-coastal investment and advisory practice with a long history of providing successful direct investment and advisory services.

It is leveraging its experience and thought leadership in Quantum Computing, to build a specialized advisory and investment focus.

Why Corporate Fuel for Quantum Tech?

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Russ Fein named a Top-10 Thought Leader on Quantum Tech.

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Advanced Technology – Advisory Services

Advanced Technology firms are enjoying hyper-focus and attention by the investment community. Often, technology firms are led by management teams with more experience in the lab than in a board room. We get it and we appreciate the passion and insights needed to help steer emerging technology firms in the right direction. We speak equally comfortably with technologists and financiers. Consider engaging with Corporate Fuel for any of the following situations:

Reacting to an Investment Interest

If you’ve been approached by a sophisticated investor (or competitor), Corporate Fuel can be your agent to help negotiate the most appropriate transaction structure and the maximum value for you and your partners.

Seeking Investment Capital

Let Corporate Fuel evaluate your capitalization plans and goals to ensure you optimize your chances of success and help confirm the appropriate capital structure and targeted investors. If it is a fit with our principal investment goals (see more below) we can consider leading a direct investment, or we can help present the investment profile to others and then help guide discussions around valuation and structure.

Advanced Technology - Principal Investments

We look to partner with exceptional management teams seeking to use advanced technologies to transform industries. We pride ourselves on being able to appreciate technical details and cutting-edge breakthroughs in the context of core marketplace realities, business strategies and imperatives. We have found that there is often a significant communications gaps between the technical teams who speak of scientific challenges and solutions, and financial oriented operators and investors who speak of returns on invested capital and valuation multiples. We have been effective in bridging these two worlds. We are successful based on the following operating philosophies:

  • Hands-on orientation with emphasis on providing sufficient capital to fund working capital growth and appropriate capital investment.
  • Adherence to best business practices including disciplined budgeting, governance, compliance and focus on appropriate key performance indicators and related metrics.
  • Ensuring the target business is able to communicate both its core scientific capabilities and its focus on ultimate technical milestones, revenue models and profitability goals.

Our team has decades of experience managing and working with advanced technology companies both as investors and as senior operating executives. We know what it takes to be successful and we believe in partnering with owners and managers with an active orientation providing more than just capital. We support promising companies, enabling them to achieve their full potential.

We can be flexible in our investment constructs and can act quickly to assess our initial interest. We have the flexibility and skills to structure complex transactions to meet the needs and desires of owners.

Quantum Computing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

We are a recognized thought leader in Quantum Computing, and have experience with various advanced computing businesses across the entire hardware and software stack. We are also familiar with ways to use machine learning and AI to optimize large datasets and provide unique offerings.


With experience in medical devices, microfluidics, sophisticated material handling and using nanostructures for targeted drug delivery, we have deep institutional knowledge and are quick studies.

Software and SaaS

As the amount of data generation explodes, and as firms adopt new tools to manage their businesses and serve their customers, software is becoming increasingly vital. We have experience building, commercializing and growing software platforms.

Current Investments


Nanotechnology Company

Code Bio Therapeutics

Targeted Delivery of Genetic Medicines


Food Allergy Diagnostics


Utility Data Analytics and Reporting

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