Clean Tech, Waste & Recycling

Clean Tech, Waste & Recycling

Improving the manner in which businesses and municipalities address the challenges of the waste management and recycling industries is often a capital-intensive enterprise impacted by global market pricing dynamics and technology. In addition, there is a fast growing societal movement to improve the quality and sustainability of our environment for current and future generations.

While traditional challenges of management and growth exist in these sectors, the most dynamic leaders are constantly innovating to lower costs and expand activities. Opportunities can be significant, but require substantial experience to navigate the capital markets, regulatory processes and operational challenges.

The Corporate Fuel Team has been active in these industry segments:

  • Solid Waste Management – Hazardous and non-hazardous collection, transfer and disposal
  • Recycling – Post-consumer, Post industrial metals, plastics, fiber, glass, tires, textiles
  • Alternative Fuels – Wind, solar, biomass, food, MSW, CSD, litter
  • Conversion Technologies – Fiber, plastics, waste heat, e-waste, battery, FOG
  • Logistics – Trucking, rail, barge, drones, GPS
  • Sustainability – LEED, CO2 capture, water

Other industries and sectors:

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