Industrial Products

Industrial Products

This sector is marked by a lack of organic growth opportunities in most segments. Management teams increasingly rely on acquisitions, extensions of services to adjacent markets, and tech-enabled opportunities to fuel their growth.

High hurdles of reinvestment in plant and equipment have been aided by cheap capital. For the most part, major participants are financially sound and increasingly look for ways to maximize their distribution capabilities, optimize a manufacturing process or capacity, or broaden industry reach, markets or geographic footprint.

Corporate Fuel has experience across a broad spectrum of these companies, including:

  • Distribution
  • Aerospace components
  • Engineered products and components
  • Transportation equipment and components
  • Motion and process control
  • Energy equipment and products
  • Food service equipment
  • Cooling and heating equipment
  • Machinery/machine tools
  • Mining and agricultural equipment
  • Industrial tools and equipment

Recent Industrial Products Transactions

Family Wealth Alliance

Sell-side advisor

Acted as the exclusive advisor to the Family Wealth Alliance on the sale of the Company to The Charles Schwab Corporation. The Alliance is a provider of resources to family wealth firms servicing high net worth clients. This combination will enable Schwab and FWA to offer broader and enhanced leadership resources and connections, as well as technology to drive growth.

Acrow Bridge

Buy-side advisor

Acted as advisor to Acrow on this transaction. The combination results in the most prominent global provider of pre-engineered modular bridging solutions in the world.

Precision Custom Coatings

Sell-side advisor

Acted as the exclusive financial advisor to Precision Custom Coatings in the sale of its Hong Kong-based fashion and apparel business, Precision Interlining, to Chargeurs SA (EPA:CRI)

Other industries and sectors:

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