Mergers & Acquisitions

Guiding you through the challenges of a successful transaction

Success in selling or acquiring a middle market company requires a focused strategy, diligent preparation and timely execution.

Corporate Fuel acts as an expert and trusted advisor to help clients assess strategic options, define key business and shareholder issues, develop a strategy and expertly execute transactions.

We guide your company through every step of the process, allowing executives to devote more time to operations. By bringing a blend of financial, market and operations perspectives, we help define objectives and the best strategy for achieving them. With an extensive list of industry and financial contacts, Corporate Fuel can achieve desired results more quickly and efficiently than a company can on its own.

Corporate Fuel works closely with clients from initial planning to closing, tailoring our efforts to minimize disruption to the company's day-to-day operations with a sensitivity to confidentiality. We refine the objectives and parameters of each assignment into a detailed action plan, present the company in the most favorable light to buyers/sellers, contact buyers/sellers, coordinate due diligence, and structure and negotiate a transaction in the shortest practical time. We apply past experience to structuring deals and employ creative solutions to achieve agreement.

Our senior team brings a level of experience and expertise to the middle market that is usually available only to large corporations. We have participated in a wide variety of middle market transactions in a broad cross-section of industries, both as intermediaries and as principals.

What is your business worth?

A business can represent different values to different buyers. Financial buyers tend to focus on cash flow or earnings as the key determinant of value, while a strategic or industry buyer may be prepared to pay a premium for a product line or geographic presence—either for competitive or market reasons or to share some of the cost savings generated by the business combination.

Corporate Fuel uses several financial models in its business value analysis, and combines them with a view of the market for comparable companies. We highlight the client's key elements of value, identify prospective buyers who will most value them, and determine interested parties' objectives to enhance value for our clients. We frequently make recommendations that result in increased value for our clients.

How to sell a business

While no two transactions are exactly alike, every successful sale of a business generally includes these components:


Strategy development

Through a series of meetings with the client, and our own research, Corporate Fuel familiarizes itself with the client's products, technology, operations, key strengths and finances. We help the client understand the market, process and timing of a transaction. Together, we formulate the client's objectives and an appropriate strategy.


Diligence and assessment

A deliberate review of the materials typically required in a company sale or capital-raising project identifies key issues or potential challenges while time still remains to correct them. This greatly improves the probability of a successful closing.



Corporate Fuel prepares an assessment of potential market value to assist in pricing and provide guidance during negotiations. We use several financial models in our value analysis and combine them with a view of the market for similar companies. We also make recommendations to increase the potential value of the transaction.


Presentation and buyer identification

Corporate Fuel prepares a presentation discussing the client's history, products, management, markets, strategic plan and finances. At the same time, using industry contacts and databases, we construct a list of qualified buyer candidates. After client approval, we start contacting potential buyers. After qualifying them and executing non-disclosure agreements, we send prospective buyers our presentation.


Letter of intent

We qualify preliminary offers, direct initial due diligence and assist in the negotiation of a letter of intent. In representing sellers, we help structure the letter of intent toward a firm deal, pending final due diligence.


Confirming due diligence

Normally performed within thirty days of the signing of the letter of intent, the findings of due diligence shape the terms of the definitive final agreement. Corporate Fuel coordinates the due diligence, helping to minimize the time and disruption to the business.



Corporate Fuel works to close the transaction as soon as possible after the completion of due diligence, and helps to ensure that final documents accurately reflect the initial business agreement. We act as coordinator of all company advisors— including lawyers and accountants—to facilitate closing.

Achieving a broad range of client goals

Corporate Fuel helps business owners and other clients achieve their strategic objectives.

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