Strategic Advisory & Restructuring

A consultative approach to client relationships

The decision to sell a company, make an acquisition, or raise debt or equity capital involves complex issues with far-reaching implications for the business and shareholder value.

Corporate Fuel takes a collaborative, consultative approach to these decisions. Our clients may not have a particular transaction in mind when they come to us. They may have reached an inflection point which causes them to rethink their strategy. They may want to reduce their involvement or reap the rewards of a lifetime of effort. Or they may have received an unsolicited offer to sell.

Our first priority is to understand our clients’ goals and guide them toward an optimal strategy. We take the time to gain a deep understanding of the client, the project and its challenges. We look at the quality of a company’s management, its risks, and its financial reporting and controls. We learn about our clients’ goals for themselves and their business, their family, and their valued employees.

Working closely with our clients, we brainstorm ideas, gather information, and develop realistic alternatives for review. We follow this initial assessment with in-depth analysis and evaluation. Only after we have considered various options and their potential consequences do we recommend a course of action.

In particular, family-owned businesses often present complex shareholder issues. We work hard to understand the specific considerations in each situation and, from our experience, formulate creative solutions while remaining sensitive to the unique needs of the owners. Whether the ultimate decision is to transfer ownership to the next generation, create liquidity for certain owners, or sell to managers or outsiders, we strive to be considerate and deliberate.

This upfront consultation enables us to build a relationship of trust which helps us collaborate effectively with our clients on the execution of our recommended course of action.

Why we charge a retainer

Unlike other investment banks, Corporate Fuel always receives a modest retainer for its services. We do not accept assignments in which we are compensated only if a transaction is completed.

This retainer enables us to be fully open, objective and unbiased in our advice, without regard to the financial consequences. We also find that clients can be more engaged in the process when they have made an upfront financial commitment.

During the course of an assignment, we may recommend a different course of action than the one we were originally retained for, knowing we will still be compensated for our effort. We sometimes advise against a transaction, or suggest a client walk away when the terms or valuation are wrong. When a transaction closes, we generally receive an additional fee based on its total value.

An advice-driven process

Corporate Fuel works to understand the total company and the crucial factors needed for a business to succeed. We bring real-world insights and unconventional wisdom to each client engagement we undertake.


Step 1: Analysis

Rigorous analysis of the business


Step 2: Industry assessment

Current industry assessment and identification of macro factors


Step 3a
Leadership review

Review of company leadership and talent, which can dictate relevant solutions

Step 3b
Company objectives

Consideration of company objectives against Corporate Fuel observations

Step 3c

Assessment of potential market value to assist in pricing and provide guidance during negotiations


Step 4: Alternative strategies

Develop potential alternatives and strategies


Step 5: Execution

Execute the chosen strategy with dedication, commitment and enthusiasm

Achieving a broad range of client goals

Corporate Fuel helps business owners and other clients achieve their strategic objectives.

See our clients' goals

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