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Our Principles of Behavior

A failure to anticipate potential ethical issues can have a powerfully negative impact on a transaction. At Corporate Fuel we endeavor to apply a moral capital to our activities…always balancing a profit orientation with a sense of “doing the right thing.”

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Heading off surprises is the best way we have found to ensure successful transactions for our clients

Avoiding surprises, when structuring and negotiating transactions, is critical to the successful completion of an M&A or capital raising project. Our experience has taught us that investing the appropriate time at the beginning of an assignment results in a well-managed process and ultimately successful outcome for our clients.

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How to assess Strategic Alternatives and minimize risks

We often find clients scratching their heads about the future…whether to sell their business, make a tactical acquisition of a business or talented industry producer, raise additional capital or take a long vacation. It’s not so easy, nor are the alternatives always obvious.

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A review of diligence material and readiness assessment is often key to a financing or sale process

Raising capital as well as mergers and acquisitions are resource intensive projects and are often distracting from the normal operating activities involved in running a business. While these projects can have great positive effects on a business, they can also be hugely disruptive and unproductive if you don’t take care to make sure that you are really prepared and ready to go down this road.

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Transaction Structure is as important as valuation

Many business owners, when planning for a business exit, develop a sense for the value of their business through their own industry research. We have come to learn that just as important as business value is the transaction structure. That is, how much cash is exchanged at closing, and if not 100% of the transaction value, what risks exist for the seller in receiving the balance of the proceeds.

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Realizing Full Value

Corporate Fuel helps successful businesses address the challenges of growth.

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