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Investment Criteria

Investment Criteria and Engagement

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While our mandate is flexible, we generally seek to make initial equity investments of $2m-$5m and often add follow-on investments as the business grows, generally investing $5m-$10m in equity over the life of a given investment

We look for companies with the following characteristics.

  • EBITDA $1m - $3m
  • History of profitability with a growth trajectory
  • Operating in industries and markets with strongly positive macro trends
  • Inherently strong gross margins and a sustainable competitive advantage via patents, know-how, trade secrets or other proprietary features
  • Addressable underperformance factors
  • Nucleus of exceptional management
  • Opportunities to rapidly scale the business either through internal growth or add-on acquisitions
  • US based headquarters with a preference for locations in the Northeast

We avoid start-ups, turnarounds, low margin businesses, and unstable business models. Some typical Use of Proceeds for our investments include:

  • Recapitalizations of closely held or family owned businesses
  • Management buyouts or ownership transitions
  • Corporate divestitures
  • Growth financing

Industry Focus

While we are generally opportunistic, we maintain the following sector perspective.

Core Sectors we are actively pursuing:

  • Immune system/anti-inflammatory solutions (diagnostic tests, holistic health, immuno-oncology, immunotherapies)
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Healthcare (software, patient compliance, personalized and remote medicine)
  • Miniaturization (nanoscale activities)
  • Business services
  • Niche manufacturing and value-added distribution
  • Power storage and renewables

Sectors for which we are bullish, but guarded in approaching:

  • Drones
  • Self-driving technologies
  • Cannabis

Sectors we watch but are likely not prepared to enter:

  • Broadband/ISP
  • Mobile access
  • Data storage/hosting

Realizing Full Value

Corporate Fuel helps successful businesses address the challenges of growth.

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10 East 40th Street
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Phone: 212.260.2743
Fax: 212.260.2748